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TMS Services

MagVita TMS Therapy┬« system is used which  complete system for effectively treating depression through non-invasive method.


Clinical Social Worker Consultation 

We help our patients to face life challenges including emotional and behavioral problems.

Mental Health

We facilitate our patients for the mental health issues so they can cope with them. 

Small Business leaders of the Year Award Winner

Amjad Bahnassi quite literally could not have gotten out of Syria any sooner. Born and raised in the capital of Damascus, Bahnassi graduated high school at 16 and finished medical school at 22. The day after graduation, he left.

"I was ready," he said.

Bahnassi came to Worcester in the early 1980s for a residency program at UMass Medical Center as a psychiatrist and never left. After completing his residency, he started Behavioral Healthcare Services, a practice he still leads after more than 25 years.

Medication Services 

We offer medication consultation services for the patients suffering from depressions and disorders including ADD, MDD, PSTD,  OCD,  anxiety, mental distress.